May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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FMI user meeting

Information MAP FMI Introduction A. Junghanns (QTronic GmbH) 13:00
FMI is great but not magic A. Junghanns (QTronic GmbH),
T. Blochwitz (ESI ITI GmbH)
Talks I
Requirements for using FMI/ SSP for Development of Autonomous Driving J. Köhler (ZF AG),H.-M. Heinkel (Robert Bosch GmbH), P. Mai (PMFS), M. Rühl, A. Pillekeit (dSpace GmbH) 13:40
Verification of model connection by FMI using acausal modeling tools Y.Hirano (Toyota Motor Coporation) K. Nishimiya (Honda R&D Co.,LTD), H. Saito (Nissan Motor Corporation), J. Ichihara (AZAPA Co.,LTD), K. Kikuchi (SOLIZE Engineering Coporation), N. Miwa (DENSO Corporation) 14:00
Application of FMI in the Metal Casting press-Forming Process Chen Min, Li Sheng (CISDI Ltd.) 14:20

Talks II
ROboMObil HIL Simulator using FMI technology J. Brembeck (DLR e.V.) 15:10
Usage of FMU models at Ferrari Formula One T. Kurz, G. Pederzini, P. Keržič, E. Sampò (Ferrari S.p.A.) 15:30
Related Projects The INTO-CPS Co-Simulation Orchestration Engine – Experiences with FMI 2.0 and proposed extensions Christian König (TWT GmbH) 15:50
ACOSAR – Advanced Co-Simulation Open System Architecture M. Benedikt (VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center) 16:00
MA-Project “System Structure and Parameterization” – Current Status and Plans J. Köhler (ZF AG), P. Mai (PMFS. GmbH), M. Deppe (dSpace GmbH), J. Krasser (AVL List GmbH), M. Nagasawa (Cybernet), M. Henningsson (Modelon AB), J.N. Jäschke (TLK Thermo GmbH) 16:10
Closing Wrap-up, Communication channels … A. Junghanns (QTronic GmbH) 16:20