May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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List of Vendor Sessions


The following companies/institutes will give vendor presentations (alphabetic order)

  •  Dassault Systèmes

    Title: Dymola and 3DEXPERIENCE evolutions - Key messages from Dassault Systèmes.

    Presenters: Dag BRÜCK, Johannes GERL, Fabrice PINOT

    Abstract: This presentation provides with the new enhancements for Dymola applications and 3DEXPERIENCE evolutions, recently available.

  • EDF

    Title: DACCOSIM 2017

    Presenters: Jean-Philippe Tavella

    Abstract: Presentation and demo of the latest DACCOSIM 2016 with new features like the Matryoshka (a DACCOSIM multi-FMU co-simulation exported as an FMU) or a DSL (DACCOSIM Script Language) to automatise the calculation graph design.

  • ESI group 

    Title: New in SimulationX 3.8 

    Presenters:  Alex Magdanz

    Abstract: As of January 2016, ITI is part of the ESI Group. This acquisition provides an opportunity to significantly extend the field of application of ESI Group’s virtual engineering solution, which will from this point be able to offer the combined real-time simulation of two fundamental but separate stages in a product’s development cycle: concept development enabled by realistic modeling of 0D-1D systems and multi-domain virtual prototyping deployed in a 3D-4D immersive environment. In this session we will present new features in SimulationX 3.8 and outline the roadmap for planned interfaces between SimulationX and other ESI solutions such as Mineset. SimulationX 3.8 includes seven new and revised libraries including Belt Drives (MBS), Green City, Non-Newtonian Fluids, Microfluidics, Hydraulic Brake Systems, Electric Machines, and Hydraulic Lubrication. Furthermore, SimulationX 3.8 contains the ability to use the BDF and MEBDF solvers with compiled models resulting in increased performance, and introduces E-Learning, a self-guided course on SimulationX. ESI MINESET enables interactive exploration of data through an advanced suite of visual tools for faster discovery of meaningful trends and cause-effect relationships. The solution is linked to the variant wizard in SimulationX and includes integrated Visualization and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms with collaboration capabilities.

  • MapleSoft

    Title: MapleSim 

    Presenters: Peter Harman and Peter Bunus

    Abstract: MapleSim combines system-level modeling and simulation with powerful analytic capabilities. Our goal with MapleSim is to provide engineers with an easy to use tool for design exploration and simulation.  In this session we will provide an update on MapleSim’s support of the MSL, its support of FMI 2.0, as well as a demonstration of how MapleSim’s unique offerings can benefit those working with Modelica models.

  • Modelon

    Title: Modelica and FMI Products from Modelon

    Presenters: Johan Åkesson and Johan Andreasson

    Abstract: This session presents Modelon’s offerings of Modelica and FMI solutions. Modelica libraries for several physical domains, including automotive, aerospace and energy, is highlighted and demonstrated for selected applications along with Modelon’s platforms for Model compilation and Testing. New features of Modelon’s FMI connectivity products, including the FMI toolbox for MATLAB and the FMI Add-in for Excel, are presented.      


  • OpenModelica

    Title: Status and News on Simulation, Debugging, FMI, and Optimization

    Presenters: eter Fritzson, Francesco Casella, Bernhard Bachmann, Adrian Pop, Rüdiger Franke

    Abstract: OpenModelica - Status and News on Simulation, Debugging, FMI, and Optimization 

  • Ricardo     

    Title: Ricardo - IGNITE

    Presenters: Vratislav Ondrák

    Abstract: This session will present current status of Ricardo IGNITE. Latest features such as extended Modelica support, new model libraries and usability improvements will be presented.

  • Wolfram

    Title: SystemModeler 5

    Presenters: Jan Brugard and Patrik Ekenberg

    Abstract: In this session you will learn about the latest features of SystemModeler 5, including extended Modelica and FMI support, advanced model analytics, and new model libraries.

  • XRG Score

    Title: A new Excel-based tool for FMU simulations  

    Presenters: Stefan Wischhusen

    Abstract: In this session the brandnew XRG SCORE Excel Add-In is presented and demonstrated. SCORE is a summary of useful Excel extensions for users of the Dymola Software (product of Dassault Systemes) or users of Functional Mockup Units (FMU).

    With SCORE the user has the option to write scripts out of Excel sheets for serial simulation, run simultaneously simulations (multithreading) and read the results into Excel for post-processing. The SCORE software reads the results and fills predefined Excel sheets with formulas and diagrams.