May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Ines Kerling:

Title: Rapid development of an aircraft cabin temperature regulation concept
Authors: Alexander Pollok, Daniel Bender, Ines Kerling and Dirk Zimmer
Abstract:The air in aircraft cabins is controlled for pressure, temperature and humidity. The number of temperature zones is generally kept low, for reasons of necessary ducting space. We devise a new ducting concept, which enables a large number of temperature zones. Controllability of the system is however predicted to be a potential obstacle. For a quick resolution of this question, a Modelica model is created. Model creation is focused on a short development time as well as usefulness for controller synthesis. A workflow is presented that enables a quick iteration time between controller synthesis in Matlab and controller testing in a Modelica environment. Finally, the impact of this new concept on the energy consumption of the air generation unit is discussed.
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