May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Maike Ketelhut:

Title: Towards Medical Cyber-Physical Systems: Modelica and FMI based Online Parameter Identification of the Cardiovascular System
Authors: Jonas Gesenhues, Marc Hein, Maike Ketelhut, Thivaharan Albin and Dirk Abel
Abstract:This paper presents a concept for online parameter identification intended to be used within cardiovascular research labs and hospitals of the future featuring a data network of medical sensors. It is based on iterative nonlinear optimization using a moving horizon scheme and object-oriented Modelica models. Special FMUs have been developed to interface the optimization module and the sensor hardware. The concept is demonstrated on an exemplary application of identifying the parameters of a model for the systemic circulation. Unlike classical online parameter identification methods, this concept allows for quickly implementing changes of the underlying model.
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