May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Rupert Köckeis:

Title: Modelling and Simulation of the passive Structure of a 5-Axis-Milling Machine with rigid and flexible bodies for evaluating the static and dynamic behaviour
Authors: Michael Schneider, Anton Haumer and Rupert Köckeis
Abstract:Most of the mechanical simulations for industrial usage are done by finite element (FE-) analysis. Milling machines are mechatronic systems, combining electrical, mechanical and control components for machining certain materials. Modelica provides a powerful and strong tool to simulate different physical ares in one model. For this usage a mechanical model of a 5-Axis-Milling Machine is implemented with rigid and flexible bodies. Specific attention will be paid to which components can be modelled rigid without significant deviation in accordance to the real behaviour of the machine. Two classes of implementing flexible bodies in multi body systems are given by the flexible bodies Library, advantages and disadvantages of both classes will be evaluated. At the end a comparision of the static and dynamic behaviour of the passive structure of the model in contrast to a FE-analysis is given.
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