May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Jiří Kofránek:

Title: PDEModelica and Breathing in an Avalanche
Authors: Jan Šilar, Filip Ježek and Jiří Kofránek
Abstract:This paper presents a Modelica language extension for partial differential equations (PDE) called PDEModelica. Support for this extension is implemented in OpenModelica. This support is limited to 1-dimensional problems and the first and second partial derivatives. PDEModelica is introduced by a string equation model and later by a real life model of respiration during a snow burial. This model describes CO2 advection and diffusion in snow described by advection-diffusion PDE.
Links: Full paper, Additional material

Title: Integrative physiology in Modelica
Authors: Jiří Kofránek, Tomas Kulhanek, Marek Matejak, Filip Ježek and Jan Šilar
Abstract:The integrative model of human physiology connects individual physiological subsystems into a single unit. They are very large (contain thousands of variables) and represent a formalized description of interconnected physiological regulations. The issue of formalization of physiological systems became part of a series of international projects (e.g. the worldwide program "PHYSIOME", or the European program "VIRTUAL PHYSIOLOGICAL HUMAN"). The development of large-scale models of human physiology was facilitated by a new generation (i.e. equation-based) simulation environment, especially by Modelica language. These models can be used to explain the causal relations of the pathogenesis of many diseases, they can be applied in the evaluation of clinical trials and they can also be used in the core of sophisticated medical simulators.
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