May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Gladys E. Leon:

Title: A Modelica-based Tool for Power System Dynamic Simulations
Authors: Gladys E. Leon, Francois P. Beaude and Jean-Baptiste Heyberger
Abstract:Developments made during the EU FP7 funded project iTesla towards automatic ways of transforming powers systems from proprietary format to Modelica, served as a proof of concept for the adoption of Modelica as a common and standardized language for power system modelling and simulation. This work is a continuation of the progresses made during the iTesla. This paper presents a Modelica-based tool developed with the main purpose of providing users with an easy way to generate power system networks in Modelica and perform time-domain simulations. The tool is validated by generating Modelica systems for IEEE cases and comparing simulation outputs with a reference tool (Eurostag).
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