May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Thomas Letschert:

Title: Mo|E A Communication Service Between Modelica Compilers and Text Editors
Authors: Nicola Justus, Christopher Schölzel, Andreas Dominik and Thomas Letschert
Abstract:The Modelica language is becoming increasingly popular among scientists and engineers as platform for modelling physical or biological systems. Although Modelica is maintained as non-proprietary language by the Modelica Association, a considerable number of commercial implementations and development environments is complemented by a surprisingly small number of open source tools. In this paper, we present the communication service Mo|E that connects any text editor as front-end with a Modelica compiler as back-end. Based on the simple HTML communication protocol, editor plugins for a software developer's favourite text editor can be developed easily, hence turning any editor into a lightweight Modelica development tool. We also present a first implementation of a plugin for the text editor Atom that exhibits features necessary for efficient software development, such as display of compile errors, code completion, go to declaration or view of context-sensitive documentation. In addition, Modelica-specific checking of the number of equations in a model is supported.
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