May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Artur Löwen:

Title: Dymola-JADE Co-Simulation for Agent-Based Control in Office Spaces
Authors: Ana Constantin, Artur Löwen, Ferdinanda Ponci, Kristian Huchtemann and Dirk Müller
Abstract:This paper presents an application of coupling Modelica under Dymola and JADE to test novel agent-based control for office spaces. The office space with a coupled energy system and weather boundary conditions are modeled in Dymola. The agent platform is programmed in JADE, where the agents communicate with each other to control the technical equipment used to deliver thermal energy to the room. Heating experiments, run for a one room scenario, using a radiator, show better system reaction to the comfort desires of the user when compared to a control with a thermostatic valve, while having similar energy consumption. While the agents run in real time, the simulation in Dymola runs more quickly. We focus on the particularities of the connection for co-simulation to insure smooth transferability of the experiments from simulation to field test, where the energy system as well as the agent platform would be running in real time.
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