May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Andreas Nicolai:

Title: Co-Simulation between detailed building energy performance simulation and Modelica HVAC component models
Authors: Andreas Nicolai and Anne Paepcke
Abstract:We discuss the application of the FMI Co-Simulation technology to building energy performance simulation, where detailed physical building models are coupled to Modelica-based HVAC component and plant models. First, we describe the generation process of the building FMU from our stand-alone building simulation program NANDRAD and sketch out internal algorithms for FMI version 2 capabilities. Then, coupling scenarios are described and physical interface conventions are presented. Usability is addressed by automatic generation of building-model specific adapters and wrappers. The building FMU and plant FMUs are then simulated together using different Co-Simulation master algorithms. Finally, based on simulation results and performance analysis we conclude with recommendations on suitable master algorithm options and specific features of suitable building FMUs.
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