May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Luigi Vanfretti:

Title: A Modelica VSC-HVDC Average Value Model Implementation and its Software-to-Software Validation using an EMT Power System Domain Specific Simulator
Authors: Mohammed Ahsan Adib Murad and Luigi Vanfretti
Abstract:This paper reports the implementation of a three-phase VSC-HVDC model using the Modelica language. The model is suitable for power system simulation where the power electronic circuitry can be represented using equivalent voltage and current sources to model the high frequency switching process. Differently from the authors previous work, this model is built using as much components as possible from the MSL (Modelica Standard Library) to represent the three phase electrical circuit, while implementing the de facto control system models used within typical power system simulation tools. To show the applicability of Modelica for modeling an VSC-HVDC, a software-to-software validation is performed using the EMTP-RV power system simulator.
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