May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Raimund Zitzenbacher:

Title: Sound Source Extension Library for Modelica
Authors: Johann Emhofer, Raimund Zitzenbacher and Christoph Reichl
Abstract:Transient thermodynamic models in Modelica are widely used for energetic simulations of machines and systems which are located nearby people. Nevertheless, so far no libraries exist which consider the noise of such machines in the simulations. The Sound Source Extension library (SSElib) proposed in this work, should close this gap. With the aid of the SSElib, acoustic characteristics can be added to existing Modelica models (e.g. to a compressor model). The acoustic characteristic added to the existing model is frequency dependent in the one-octave band and could be further depend on an input parameter like the rotational speed of a compressor. With the inclusion of sound sources into energetic models, the sound behavior of machines can be considered and control strategies can be optimized to lower the noise of machines.
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