May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Javier Bonilla:

Title: Development of an open source multi-platform software tool for parameter estimation studies in FMI models
Authors: Javier Bonilla, Jose Antonio Carballo, Lidia Roca and Manuel Berenguel
Abstract:This paper presents the current development of an open source multi-platform software tool intended for estimating or optimizing parameters of FMI compliant models. Parameter estimation and optimization is a powerful tool in many engineering and science fields. Nevertheless, the effort and time that must be devoted to coupling and integrating complex modeling languages and tools together with analysis and optimization methods and algorithms sometimes is high. As a consequence of that, commonly the most convenient and easy-to-use optimization mechanisms are applied. Therefore, the focus on the development of this tool is in facilitating such coupling while being customizable. The main toolkit and libraries used in the development of the tool are presented, all of them are open source. Two application examples are also presented, one of them is a parameter optimization study considering a steady state model, while the other is a parameter estimation study of a dynamic model against experimental data. Finally, current tool limitations are presented, ongoing work and ideas for future features are also commented.
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