May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Cherifa Dad:

Title: Scaling FMI-CS Based Multi-Simulation Beyond Thousand FMUs on Infiniband Cluster
Authors: Stephane Vialle, Jean-Philippe Tavella, Cherifa Dad, Remi Corniglion, Mathieu Caujolle and Vincent Reinbold
Abstract:In recent years, co-simulation has become an increasingly industrial tool to simulate Cyber Physical Systems including multi-physics and control, like smart electric grids, since it allows to involve different modeling tools within the same temporal simulation. The challenge now is to integrate in a single calculation scheme very numerous and intensely inter-connected models, and to do it without any loss in model accuracy. This will avoid neglecting fine phenomena or moving away from the basic principle of equation-based modeling. Offering both a large number of computing cores and a large amount of distributed memory, multi-core PC clusters can address this key issue in order to achieve huge multi-simulations in acceptable time. This paper introduces all our efforts to parallelize and distribute our co-simulation environment based on the FMI for Co-Simulation standard (FMI-CS). At the end of 2016 we succeeded to scale beyond 1000 FMUs and 1000 computing cores on different PC-clusters, including the most recent HPC Infiniband-cluster available at EDF.
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