May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Friedrich Gottelt:

Title: Extended Modelica Model for Heat Transfer of Two-Phase Flows in Pipes Considering Various Flow Patterns
Authors: Timm Hoppe, Friedrich Gottelt and Stefan Wischhusen
Abstract:Boiling in vertical and horizontal pipes is a complex process defining transient and static performance of various technical applications. An extensive literature review taking all relevant boiling regimes is presented. The models from the literature are evaluated with respect to accuracy and suitability for system simulation application. A set of sub-models for each of the existing boiling phenomena is implemented and applied to a global boiling model. The work pays special attention to smooth transition between the sub-models and to numerical efficient solutions with respect to the consideration of the boiling crisis.
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Title: Applying the Power Plant Library ClaRa for Control Optimisation
Authors: Friedrich Gottelt, Timm Hoppe and Lasse Nielsen
Abstract:This paper presents the current state of the open-source Modelica library \ClaRa which enables the user to solve complex power plant simulation tasks. The library can be used to help control experts to develop and test controllers without disturbing the daily operation of the applying power plant. This reduces projects risks and costs significantly. As a use case the analysis and optimisation of a Benson boiler power control is presented. The presented solution reduces the impact of soot blowing on the power output by 57~\%.
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