May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Julia Gundermann:

Title: The Embedded Simulation via FMI and its Application to the Simulation of Lifetime Tests Including Wear
Authors: Julia Gundermann, Matthias Thiele, Sebastian Fraulob, Susanne Walther, Karsten Todtermuschke and Uwe Schnabel
Abstract:The "Embedded Simulation via FMI" is a new modeling approach which allows for efficient and fast computation of systems with a clear separation of time axis or time scale. For its application the so-called "inner model" is wrapped into an FMU and embedded into an outer model, whose dynamics control the integration. The computation of the embedded model is only utilized on demand. In this way the "Embedded Simulation via FMI" uses the Functional Mock-up Interface for Co-Simulation in a different way than it was provided for. The functionality has been realized within SimulationX prototypically. It is applied to the simulation of the lifetime test of a linear stepper motor including wear in the screw drive, for which the axial play after several months’ runtime shall be determined. A significant reduction of computing time while preserving considerable accuracy can be shown.
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