May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Session 7C: Electrical & Power Systems II

Title: Improved Model of Photovoltaic Systems
Authors: Dmitry Altshuller, Peter Hüsson, Christopher Jones and Leonard Janczyk
Abstract:The paper describes a model of a typical photovoltaic (PV) system. Unlike models previously described in literature, heat transfer phenomena are accounted for simultaneously with the electrical dynamics. Furthermore, the model is simulated for a time scale of one full year.
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Title: Modelling of a Hydro Power Station in an Island Operation
Authors: Arndís Magnúsdóttir and Dietmar Winkler
Abstract:There is a strong focus on new renewable energy sources, such as, solar power, wind energy and biomass, in the con- text of reducing carbon emissions. Because of its maturity, hydropower is often overlooked. However, there is an era of hydro oriented research in improving many aspects of this well established technology. Representing a physical system of a hydropower plant by mathematical models can serve as a powerful tool for analysing and predicting the system performance during disturbances. Furthermore it can create opportunities in investigating more advanced control method. A simulation model of a reference hydropower station located in northwest of Iceland was implemented using the modelling language Modelica. The main simulation scenarios of interest were: 20 % load rejection, worst-case scenario of full shut-down and pressure rise in the pressure shaft due to the water hammer effect. This paper will show that the different simulation scenarios were successfully carried out based on the given the data available of the Fossárvirkjun power plant. The load rejection simulation gave expected results and was verified against a reference results from manufacturer.
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Title: Periodic Steady State Identification of electrical circuits
Authors: Martin Kuhn
Abstract:This paper focuses on methods for stationary periodic steady state identification of systems. An overview is given and a method suitable for AC connected electrical on-board network is proposed.
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