May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Daeoh Kang:

Title: Development of hierarchal commercial vehicle model for target cascading suspension design process
Authors: Kwangchan Ko, Jaehun Jo, Seungjin Heo, Daeoh Kang, Minsu Hyun and Jongchan Park
Abstract:This thesis gives a description on the study to develop the framework of commercial vehicle design based on the target cascading. Design framework consists of modeler, simulation, and performance index calculation module. The modeler has been developed based on Excel for the general designers with no idea of the vehicle dynamics to easily use the commercial vehicle model library that has the hierarchical structure. The model library with hierarchical structure was created based upon Modelica, and developed in order to interlock the model factors and design factors between hierarchs to fit design process. Simulation module is a module that automatically makes a simulation with the model created in modeler module if a user defines a scenario. Lastly, performance index calculation module is a module that makes the result of simulation into performance index. To check the effectiveness of the developed framework, we applied it to the design matters of suspension system in the consideration of the performance improvement of R&H. We confirmed from the result of design that performance enhanced by 15% and time for design decreased more than 50% as well. These results indicate that the developed framework is suitable for the design process for suspension system of target cascading.
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