May 15–17, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic
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Papers by Zhou Fanli:

Title: Modeling and Simulation on Environmental and Thermal Control System of Manned Spacecraft
Authors: Sun Lefeng, Jin Jian, Chen Liping, Liu Wei, Zhou Fanli and Liu Qi
Abstract:In order to support crew resides, key air environ-ment parameters of manned spacecraft should be controlled within index range by environmental and thermal control system. In this paper a model of manned spacecraft environmental and thermal control system in Modelica language is developed. Using this simulation model, we analyze air envi-ronment parameters varying trend as the crew metabolic level variation. The results show that crew metabolic level could influence air envi-ronment parameters dramatically. Furthermore, air environment parameters should be analyzed comprehensively due to important affection of air temperature to oxygen partial pressure, carbon dioxide partial pressure and relative humidity. The work in this paper is helpful to provide a new method for analysis of environmental and thermal control system of manned spacecraft.
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